Here is a little information about our family and dogs.


We ARE NOT hobby breeders who just have 3 dogs that show and raise puppies in our spare time. Our dogs are our pride and joy.  They are our life’s work.   We eat, sleep, and breath dogs.  We are the breeders who other breeders call when they need to know something.


We do not raise pups outside our home!  Every single pup grows up either in our dining room or office.


My name is Jeanine Ross, my husand’s name is Brad.  We have two children: an 25 year old daughter, and a 16 year old son.  My daughter is an excellent handler, and our son is a great help with the dogs and other animals around the farm.


We live about an hour outside of Louisville, KY.  We have a modest home, a barn, and a couple of ponds on about 15 acres of property.  At least an acre is fenced in for the dogs, and we also have horses,  cats, goats and chickens for pets.  Our pups get to experience a little of everything.


I lived in Lawton, MI most of my life with the exception of my last year in college.  I grew up on a 40 acre horse farm where we raised, rode, boarded, and showed primarily Quarter Horses.  I have been involved with the local 4-H program since I was 9 years old as an exhibitor until age 18, and then a leader after that.


Another important factor in being raised on a horse farm was my grandmother who had worked as a vet tech for over 20 years.  She had incredible knowledge and skill with animals of all sorts, as well as jus being the most kind hearted woman that you would ever meet.  I am happy to say that I picked up on a lot of that skill from a young age, and at this point animals truly gravitate toward me.  I intend to further hone this skill to begin showing my own dogs in the ring, and hopefully become good enough to handle others dogs.  I have also toyed with the idea of working part time as a vet tech to learn more about different medical procedures that may be of benefit to my own animals.


In 1997 I earned my Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University. After graduating I worked for The Salvation Army for nearly a year before being hired by the State of Michigan in 1999.  I worked worked full time as a social worker for the past 6 years. During this time I slowly and carefully built up a respectable Boxer kennel.


I started out with a foundation bitch of modest breeding ,AKIRA, who is the dam to most of my older adult females.  I have continually bred my females to better and better stud dogs, and now all of my females are Champion sired.


We primarily raise Boxers, but also have a couple of lap dogs running around, which also gives our puppies exposure and respect for small dogs.


Believe it or not ALL of my adult dogs are crate trained and come in the house at night and during the day when the weather isn’t Boxer-friendly.  Boxers are HOUSE DOGS that do NOT do well if kept primarily outside.  Due to their snub noses and short, single layered fur, they do not do well in extreme temperatures.  They can even sun burn, particularly Boxers with white on them.  Click the following link for more information on White Boxers.


Boxers do, however, like it outside, and love the opportunity to play and run.  We have about an acre fenced off, and they love to run and play with each other.  If properly trained and given daily exercise, boxers are fine apartment dogs, too.


Boxers are the best family dogs that I have found.  In fact, according the official AKC standard, which dictates exactly how a purebred dog is supposed to look and behave, boxers are the only breed in which the standard says, “good with kids”.  They are an animal that would die to defend their family yet be gentle enough to be ridden by a toddler (has happened, but I dont recommend it:)


We have become involved in the world of Showing in the past several years., which is an interesting experience.  People getting in to show boxers should know that it is very difficult to Champion your dog with AKC by yourself.  Most of the dogs are shown by a professional handler to whom you must pay large fees.


United Kennel Club (UKC) shows seem to be more relaxed, and family oriented.  Also, most of the dogs are handled by their owners.  This is definitely where I have felt the most comfortable place to start.  If you want to show either UKC or AKC it is very important to contact a local kennel club in your area to begin a ‘confirmation class’ that will teach you how to properly train your dog for show.


Thanks so much for reading about our family.  If you’d like to further research us, please visit our facebook page.  There, you can read what our clients have to say about us, and check out the vast number of pictures from past puppies.